Colored Imperfections

Mixed media artist

About me

My name is Ildiko Benke, I live in Budapest, in this beautiful European city. Imagination and drawing were always part of my childhood. But then, adult life took me in a different direction.
I lived and worked in different cities, in Rome, Moscow, Monterey (California), Kyiv, Brussels, Sofia. These places with their beauty and art have touched my heart deeply and they stay there forever. I started painting in Rome about twenty years ago and since then creativity and painting are essential part of my existence. Over the years I have continuously strived to improve my knowledge both in terms of different techniques and art materials. I am an eternally experimenting painter.
I don’t have a plan when I start a painting. I paint from my imagination, my inner world. Our everyday life, colors, buildings, thoughts, trips, challenges, objects, beauty around us are unlimited source of my inspiration. Painting is like our life (or life is like a painting?): struggle, ups and downs, many happy moments, sorrow. But faithful love forever.

My works

Benke Ildikó - ColorCity

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